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Saturday, 15 June 2013


I just want to write about my story during my time in Pare. I want to write it in English. I hope that I can improve my proficiency well. Let the story begin…
A month ago, approximately,  when my arrangement was being conducted with Hananto, there were many obstacles I faced. He said that his health insurance payment hasn’t been accepted and he should wait until the beginning of the month. So, he had me pay out his course cost. But I can still afford to pay his.Unfortunately,when he was registering online, he hadn’t accepted the unpaid invoice for almost two days. Ah, it just seemed like that fortune wasn’t at our side. Oh, I almost forgot about four other persons wanted to join us, but finally they declared their rejection because of their unreasonable excuses. How could! The Eureka tour was the only one choice to enroll my program and camp because that was my first time to go to Pare. EFAST 2 was my choice and for my camp I chose Melbourne. Two days later, the EUREKA team called me by phone to inform me that Melbourne had been all occupied and they relocated me to The Wish camp. Two hundred thousand rupiah, seventy thousand cheaper than Melbourne didn’t matter for me as long as the house was feasible to occupy.
The second odd was the train ticket. Yeah, the economy-class tickets had been sold out entirely. So, I should pay more to get the first-class ticket, 90.000 more expensive than regular tickets. The facility was just different at the air conditioner. I admitted that the weather was really hot at noon recently. I don’t know when it started to begin, but this is the reality.
I purposely started my journey with Hananto from Jebres station in Surakarta at 7.00 am to Kediri station as our destination. Cahyo took me to station after he let me stay for one night in his boarding house. He is really kind and warmhearted person. The scenery was really fabulous so I decided to record it. It had taken 6 hours for journey. Aya, the nick name for my fussy friend , LOL, Nur Sulistyaningsih arrived first at 9 am. She was the best tour guide showed me the best route to reach Pare effectively. She stayed in Melbourne 4 located in Brawijaya street. I followed her arrived at the Kediri station at 12.30 am, two and a half hours after her arrival.

Railway Station, Kediri, East Java
I brought one big bag to bring my clothes and another to bring my belongings. I felt that those were too heavy. I should to take a break many times during our step out from station. I felt a little awkward with that new place because I had never been there before. But I like to enjoy my time walking on unknown land. Many pedicab drivers offered us their services then both of us felt reluctant and wanted to look for another choice. We never really like to take a pedicab because it is too slow and for short distance only. Finally, we found motorcycle drivers. After two-minute negotiation, we decided to take it with IDR 40.000 each for our payments. "so expensive", I thought. During our travel, the driver told me many stories and we were chattering each other. That was my first time to pass Gumul, the intersection of five located in the center of Kediri,which was like Paris (my friend told me about that).haha..

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